Em Parker Photography: Blog https://www.emparkerphotography.com/blog en-us (C) Em Parker Photography em@emparkerphotography.com (Em Parker Photography) Sat, 28 May 2016 02:20:00 GMT Sat, 28 May 2016 02:20:00 GMT https://www.emparkerphotography.com/img/s/v-5/u240549363-o1013393050-50.jpg Em Parker Photography: Blog https://www.emparkerphotography.com/blog 92 120 Salt Lake Wedding Photographers https://www.emparkerphotography.com/blog/2016/5/salt-lake-wedding-photographers You may wonder why there are so many wedding photographers in Salt Lake City! That's a good question and one that just might be interesting to address. Here's my theory: moms. Yes, moms. Those people who have other people to care for and have a tendency to take lots of pictures of those people because those people change so very quickly! It's true that there are a lot of parents and children in Utah due to the influence of the dominant religion on the culture. Generally speaking, moms in Utah work outside of the home less and care for their children at home more than in other cities. So what do those moms do while they're caring for their children? Pick up the camera, of course! The extent that moms use a camera regularly can lead to a hobby and easily a flexible career if a person likes it enough. There's also a high demand of portrait photography in Utah... another influence of the religion on culture and it's emphasis on the importance of families, genealogy, and record-keeping.

But what about the cost of photography in Utah? It's easy to find a photographer who will take less pay than the national average. That's most likely because there are so many photographers--- professional and amateur. The more photographers, the more competition, and therefore, those less-specialized photographers try to entice demand by keeping the costs low. So, you see how it can be hard to convince some of those Utahns to fork out the sufficient dough to a professional when they have a friend who will do it for less.

Weddings occur a lot in Utah. I once told a fellow photographer, who was based in Pennsylvania, that I love photographing the weekday weddings. He was confused and asked "weekday weddings? I didn't know those existed.". Well, they do here in Utah ;). It's nice that I can have some weekends free whenever possible!

But let's go back to the price topic. I do believe you get what you pay for, whether it's in the form of the green stuff or not. I used to be a lower-priced photographer because I needed to get some experience. And people got from me what they paid for-- nothing particularly special.

Regardless of the generality of my demographic, I know there are people who embrace exceptional photography in Utah. My focus is to create unique and specialized photography that will attract those who like what I do. That's my goal. So, where does that leave me as a Utah photographer? A force among only a few Utah photographers to be reckoned with! :)... I mean that lightly... but honestly, I don't want our culture to get lax about what good photography is and does for our lives! These images matter! They're connecting us with the future and past so they had better be nothing short of memorable!


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Rick & Darcy https://www.emparkerphotography.com/blog/2015/5/rick-darcy Spring wedding at La Caille.

DarcyRick-13DarcyRick-13 DarcyRick-22DarcyRick-22 DarcyRick-23DarcyRick-23 DarcyRick-26DarcyRick-26 DarcyRick-27DarcyRick-27 DarcyRick-28DarcyRick-28 DarcyRick-35DarcyRick-35 DarcyRick-63DarcyRick-63 DarcyRick-70DarcyRick-70 DarcyRick-379DarcyRick-379 DarcyRick-75DarcyRick-75 DarcyRick-83DarcyRick-83 DarcyRick-84DarcyRick-84 DarcyRick-85DarcyRick-85 DarcyRick-99DarcyRick-99 DarcyRick-103DarcyRick-103 DarcyRick-108DarcyRick-108 DarcyRick-112DarcyRick-112 DarcyRick-117DarcyRick-117 DarcyRick-118DarcyRick-118 DarcyRick-122DarcyRick-122 DarcyRick-148DarcyRick-148 DarcyRick-157DarcyRick-157 DarcyRick-167DarcyRick-167 DarcyRick-174DarcyRick-174 DarcyRick-200DarcyRick-200 DarcyRick-204DarcyRick-204 DarcyRick-207DarcyRick-207 DarcyRick-212DarcyRick-212 DarcyRick-252DarcyRick-252 DarcyRick-323DarcyRick-323 DarcyRick-273DarcyRick-273 DarcyRick-132DarcyRick-132 DarcyRick-292DarcyRick-292 DarcyRick-311DarcyRick-311 DarcyRick-316DarcyRick-316 DarcyRick-343DarcyRick-343 DarcyRick-380DarcyRick-380 DarcyRick-353DarcyRick-353 DarcyRick-356DarcyRick-356 DarcyRick-349DarcyRick-349 DarcyRick-370DarcyRick-370 DarcyRick-369DarcyRick-369 DarcyRick-374DarcyRick-374 DarcyRick-375DarcyRick-375 DarcyRick-338DarcyRick-338 DarcyRick-383DarcyRick-383 DarcyRick-384DarcyRick-384 DarcyRick-389DarcyRick-389 DarcyRick-396DarcyRick-396 DarcyRick-402DarcyRick-402 DarcyRick-404DarcyRick-404 DarcyRick-410DarcyRick-410 DarcyRick-416DarcyRick-416 DarcyRick-418DarcyRick-418 DarcyRick-448DarcyRick-448 DarcyRick-449DarcyRick-449 DarcyRick-425DarcyRick-425 DarcyRick-428DarcyRick-428 DarcyRick-433DarcyRick-433 DarcyRick-455DarcyRick-455 DarcyRick-473DarcyRick-473 ‚Äč

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Baptism https://www.emparkerphotography.com/blog/2014/2/baptism Super cute boy getting baptized this weekend. (My apologies to his momma for posting the silly photo! I just love it. ;) 

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Winter Details https://www.emparkerphotography.com/blog/2014/2/winter-details I spent a few minutes in my backyard on a frosty morning. It's amazing how the sounds are so different when it's all frozen outdoors. I heard birds I'd never noticed before... and footsteps of some animal in the woods behind my yard. It was so glorious to be out there even though my hands were bitten with aches from the cold.

I did get a funny surprise when I got back inside-- my 3-year-old son had attempted to make macaroni and cheese in the microwave... I'm sorry I didn't get photos of that!

wintertwigs004wintertwigs004 wintertwigs010wintertwigs010

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Frozen Fluff https://www.emparkerphotography.com/blog/2014/1/frozenfluff This was taken in a canyon near Salt Lake City. These little fluffy doggies were so cute and obedient. Why can't I have a dog that doesn't run away, like these little sweeties?! Their owner was equally as sweet and beautiful :)

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